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Justin Rigoli - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Justin received his first guitar at nine years old. It was a sweet little Cort with a Gorrilla amp, given to him for Christmas. His parents provided lessons for a bit, but learning Greensleeves was not really floating his boat, so they didn’t last. He later took two years of guitar theory and ear training which was more his style, and his guitar teacher was into the same 80’s hair bands, so that is what they focused on.  Learning other bands’ music was not really what he wanted, so eventually he left that as well, at the ripe age of 14. Since then, he has been “self taught” and sometimes has a slightly unconventional way of approaching a song, His last band; Velo de Milo was making waves until its untimely demise in 2008. Now with AJAR project, he has made it a point not to overcomplicate his sound, work more on catchy loops for his fans, and just enjoy straight up rock. It seems to be working.
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