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Will Chapman - Bass & Guitar

“ I hate playing basketball, I want to learn Metallica songs on guitar”
-Will at age 15.

And so began the past 20 years of playing guitar and bass. After a few lessons it was decided to go the “make it up as you go along approach”.  At some point bass began to take hold as the primary instrument where the tonal approach was simple, bass plugged into tuner pedal plugged into the loudest amp he could find. These days a Fender Precision Bass is the weapon of choice.

 In a few bands here and there over this time not much success had been seen and it was more just about having fun anyways until Velo De Milo came along. Then it was fun and getting out there playing gigs. When that ended a few small projects came and went ultimately to end up playing once again with Tom and Justin in Ajar Project.

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